Will The Veterans Administration Pay For Your Liposuction?

Whether you've been unhappy with a too-plump body part for years or have only recently developed pockets of fat you'd like to eliminate, you may be wondering how you'll be able to pay for the liposuction procedure you desire. Fortunately, for current and former members of the military, insurance coverage for liposuction may be available through the Veterans Administration. However, your procedure will need to fulfill several requirements in order to be eligible for coverage. Read on to learn more about some situations in which the VA may pay for a veteran's liposuction.

Under what circumstances will the VA pay for your lipo procedure? 

Although most civilian health insurance policies will eschew coverage for surgeries and procedures considered cosmetic, there is often an exception for cosmetic surgery that is designed to restore original function to a body part rather than merely improve appearance. The VA is no different and provides that liposuction and other cosmetic procedures can be covered by military insurance so long as these procedures are meant to correct a congenital abnormality, restore bodily form (such as the removal of scars), or restore bodily function. 

In addition to these requirements, liposuction is specifically covered when used as an "alternative" to the scalpel -- that is, if liposuction can be used to accomplish what would normally require invasive surgery. 

Often, you'll need to seek pre-approval from the VA before scheduling your procedure to ensure coverage and avoid saddling yourself with a hefty post-op bill. By having an approval letter in hand when your procedure takes place, you'll be able to forward any inquiries (or bills) to the VA rather than attempting to deal with the hospital or insurance provider yourself.

What should you do to improve the odds of having your procedure covered by the VA? 

Although the VA has carved out several exceptions to the general rule against insurance coverage of cosmetic procedures, this doesn't mean that having your liposuction request approved will be easy. You'll need to be able to demonstrate that your primary motivation for seeking this surgery relates to your body's function, rather than its appearance. 

For example, if you are a male who has excessive breast tissue growth (gynecomastia), you might need to show that this condition could lead to further health problems if left uncorrected. Arguing that the condition is embarrassing, unsightly, or is even causing you mental or emotional distress isn't likely to suffice when it comes to documentation of a condition requiring cosmetic surgery. Check out places like Westlake Cosmetic and Medical Group, Inc. for more information on surgery specifics.