Think About Getting An Eyelid Lift Done

As people age, there are a lot of things that change with their body. One of those things is that their eyelids tend to start sagging and bags start to form under their eyes. That can give your eyes a hooded and puffy look, which can make you look older. It can also make it harder for you see, depending on how much your upper eyelids sag. But, there are things that you can do to help deal with the situation.


Blepharoplasty is the fancy word for an eyelid lift. Basically, an eyelid lift tightens and lifts the skin around your eyelids and makes it look younger as well as getting rid of the drooping and sagging that can happen as you age. Generally, the surgeon doing the process will remove extra skin around the eye as well as any fat pockets that may show up around your eye. As the skin stretches out, it's easier for larger fat pockets to form under the skin which helps with the bagging and sagging.

If the surgeon were to leave those fat pockets there, that would cause problems again in just a few years. While the blepharoplasty can help you with the way that your eyelids look, both upper and lower, it won't necessarily get rid of the wrinkles or crow's feet around your eyes, so if you want those taken care of, you should talk to your surgeon about a procedure to deal with that. 

Functional Blepharoplasty

While the majority of the eyelid lifts that are performed are a cosmetic procedure, just to make sure that the eye area looks younger, there are times when it has to be done as a functional procedure. Generally, that's because the aging skin and the gravity have worked together enough that the upper eyelid covers a part of the pupil. When that happens, the eyelid blocks off part of your field of vision, which is dangerous to you because you can't see everything that's going on around you. You may also talk to your surgeon about a functional eyelid lift if you are having problems with irritation on your eyelids because the skin is rubbing together. 

If you have sagging eyelids because aging, lack of skin elasticity, and gravity are starting to get to your eyelids, you may want to talk to a cosmetic surgeon about getting cosmetic eyelid surgery done so that you don't have the problem anymore.