Cosmetic Effects Of Stds That May Be Helped Through Cosmetic Surgery

According to the American Sexual Health Association, one out of every two sexually active people will contract a sexually transmitted infection (STI) by the age of 25. Another 80 percent will have HPV at some point in their lifetime and one in eight people will get herpes. These numbers are scary, but they also go to show how common it is for people to have sexually transmitted diseases and infections. The treatment options available for STDs and STIs are pretty plentiful, but there is one other professional who can play a role in treatment: a cosmetic surgeon or doctor who specializes in cosmetic procedures. Here's a look at common cosmetic problems that result from STDs. 

Skin Discoloration Problems 

Sexually transmitted diseases can cause all kinds of problems with your skin depending on the condition. For instance, someone who has problems with syphilis may actually develop skin rashes that leave behind patterns of discoloration on certain areas of the body. A cosmetic surgeon can help you either lessen the appearance of this discoloration or perform skin grafts to replace the skin in certain areas altogether. People with darker skin tones can have more problems with skin discoloration, but there are options available for people who have darker skin colors just the same. 

Scars On Genital Areas 

Some types of sexually transmitted diseases will cause lesions, sores, and even warts in the genital areas. Even though these problems will usually go away with the proper treatment, they can also leave behind some ugly scars that make you self conscious about your genital area and sexual activity in general. Thankfully, cosmetic surgeons and even some skilled dermatologists can help you eliminate the appearance of these scars with different procedures. For example, laser therapy can oftentimes be used to diminish the unsightly appearance of scars left behind by genital warts or herpes once the lesions are healed. 

Changes In Genitalia 

In some of the more severe STD cases, there can be changes in the overall appearance of the genital area. For example, a male who has suffered from a severe case of genital warts may see the shape of his penis change if treatment is not sought right away. The repeated skin eruptions can cause changes in the condition and tightness of the skin over time that can be unsightly or make the genitalia look abnormal. Through different cosmetic procedures, a doctor may be able to restore a more natural appearance to the genital areas. 

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