4 Common Myths About Botox Busted

Botox is a cosmetic treatment that's both quick and relatively painless. It can erase fine lines, helping you look years younger. Botox injections can be administered in your doctor's office in under an hour with great results. Unfortunately, many people have heard a lot of myths about Botox and believe they're true. These misconceptions can prevent them from getting the right cosmetic treatment to help them achieve their aesthetic goals. Here are four common myths about Botox and why they're wrong:

1. Botox makes you look fake. 

Some people are afraid to try this treatment because they don't want to look overdone or fake. However, the results of Botox are usually very natural. The perception that Botox looks fake is usually due to confirmation bias. People only notice cosmetic treatments that were performed poorly. When a cosmetic procedure was done well, people just assume that the person in question is naturally beautiful.

2. Botox is only for older people.

You might think you're too young for Botox, but these injections actually work best as a preventative treatment. Botox can smooth out fine lines, but it really excels at preventing those lines from being created in the first place. Your facial expressions can create permanent wrinkles over time, usually on your forehead, between your brows, and on either side of your lips. Botox will paralyze the appropriate muscles, allowing your face to relax more fully so expression lines can't become permanent. Your early to mid twenties are an excellent time to start Botox.

3. Botox will keep you from making facial expressions.

Some people are afraid their face will be frozen in place if they receive this treatment. Your doctor will never use that much Botox. Instead, they will use just enough to soften your expressions. You will still be able to move your eyebrows and express yourself the way you want. Many people find that they prefer the gentler expressions they make as a result of Botox. However, if you're concerned, you can ask your doctor to give you a conservative dose for your first treatment.

4. Botox is too expensive.

Many people think they can't afford Botox, but it's surprisingly affordable. Typically you will pay for Botox by the unit, and according to Healthline, an average treatment takes 20 units. That means you'll pay around $150 per treatment, but each treatment can last several months. Most people spend more money than that going out for coffee.