What Does The Breast Lift Procedure Look Like?

A breast lift is a very common procedure, but that does not mean everybody knows exactly how it works. If you are thinking about undergoing a breast lift procedure, you might want to know what you are facing in the near future.

Keep in mind that the technique used to apply your breast lift will involve an examination of your breast size, breast shape, areola positioning, and the degree to which your breasts sag. The cosmetic surgeon will also assess the quality and elasticity of your skin.

The Doctor Puts You Under Anesthesia

The first step, after you are cleared for surgery, is to undergo anesthesia. Anesthesia will put you on medication, which may involve general anesthesia (so you will be asleep) or intravenous sedation. The type of anesthesia you undergo is based on your doctor's recommendation and assessment of your health.

The Doctor Will Create an Incision

There are three places a doctor might create an incision. The incision may be around the areola, around the areola and vertical, or around the areola down to the crease of the breast and across once again.

The Doctor Will Shape Your Breasts

Your doctor will then create the lift in your breasts. The lift may come in the form of lifting breast tissue and then reshaping it to create more firmness. The doctor can also reshape the areolas and bring them higher up on the breast or even make the areolas smaller. Your doctor can also remove extra skin to create a more elastic kind of skin.

The Doctor Will Close the Incision

Once the doctor is satisfied with the results of the lift, he or she will tighten the skin and close the incision. Doctors do their best to ensure that the potential scars will be concealed in the contours of your body, and they also pay attention to your anatomy to create a look that you will be happy with.

The Doctor Will Wake You Up

When you wake up, you may not feel very good at first. You may be groggy and uncomfortable. Make sure to follow the doctor's orders to ensure that your recovery goes exactly as you plan.

Are you ready for a breast lift? Now is a great time to speak with a professional and assess your compatibility with the breast lift procedure. Not sure if the breast lift is the right procedure? A doctor can recommend additional options to give you the appearance you desire. 

To learn more about getting a breast lift, reach out to a cosmetic surgeon near you.