4 Tips For Reducing The Appearance Of Surgical Scars After Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation surgery is a very common cosmetic procedure, and most people who undergo it are extremely satisfied with their post-surgical results. However, it's common for patients to be worried about scarring after the procedure. Scars are how your body naturally heals the surgical incision, so there's no way to fully eliminate them. However, there are some steps you can take to minimize their appearance. If you're worried about scarring after breast augmentation, read on to learn about four things you can do in order to reduce the visibility of your post-surgical scars.

1. Wear Your Support Bra as Directed

After your breast augmentation surgery, you'll be given a support bra that you need to wear as much as possible. You don't need to wear it while showering, but you should try to wear it at all other times. The purpose of the support bra is to help your body heal correctly after surgery. A breast with an implant in it will weigh more than your natural breasts, which will put extra stress on the tissues surrounding your breast. This includes your skin as well. If you don't wear your support bra as directed, you may stretch out the post-surgical scar and cause it to become more visible.

2. Avoid Heavy Lifting

You'll also be told to avoid heavy lifting for a month after your surgery. Similar to wearing a support bra, this avoids placing excess stress on the tissues around your breasts while they heal. Exercising right after your surgery can lengthen your scar and cause it to worsen, and you also run the risk of injuring yourself.

3. Use Silicone Gel on Your Incision

Silicone gel has been used for decades in order to minimize scarring after cosmetic procedures, and it can be used after breast augmentation surgery as well. Once your incision site has completely healed (two or three weeks after your surgery), apply silicone gel to the scar three times a day. Silicone gel traps moisture against your skin, which helps your scar heal more quickly. Massage the scar while you're applying it for best results, as this increases blood flow to the area and further aids healing.

4. Avoid Tanning or Sun Exposure

Scars tend to become darker than the adjacent skin when exposed to sunlight, which will make them much more visible. Don't use tanning beds, and make sure that you always cover the incision site with sunscreen if you'll be outside for a long period of time.

You can expect scarring to be most visible for the first few months after your breast augmentation surgery, but it may take over a year before it has fully faded. You can help minimize the appearance of your post-surgical scars by following the tips in this guide, but it's also important to have patience—your body does most of the work on its own, and you need to allow your body some time for the scar to fully heal and fade away.