Do You Have Abdominal Fat That Is Being Stubborn? 2 Treatments To Get Rid Of It

If you have abdominal fat that will not go away no matter what you do, there are many treatments you can get to take care of this. Below is information on two treatments so you can decide what would be best for you.

Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck removes fat and excess skin in the abdominal area. This is generally done by a cosmetic surgeon in a hospital.  When this is done, the surgeon tightens the fascia, which is the connective tissue, with sutures. They will then reposition any remaining skin to make your abdomen look natural and toned. You will have a scar that runs from one side of your hip to the other. This scar is at the bikini line, so it is not easily seen even while you are wearing a bathing suit. 

The surgeon covers the incision area with a surgical dressing. You will get up and walk soon after the surgery to prevent blood clots. The hospital will give you pain medication to help with pain. The surgeon will ask you to wear an abdominal binder for a few weeks after the procedure. This provides support while you are healing. For a few weeks you must be careful when you are moving around and not strain the abdominal area, or the wound can reopen. The surgeon may ask you to stay one night in the hospital after this procedure.


Another option you have to remove your belly fat is to get liposuction. This procedure is done by a cosmetic surgeon in most cases. The surgeon will inject the area with a solution to help with fat removal. This solution is generally made of mostly salt water. They may also inject you with pain medication.

The surgeon will choose either general or local anesthesia. With local you will be awake during the surgery and with general you will be asleep. They will decide what would be best for you. 

The doctor uses a vacuum that is attached to a thin tube during the procedure. The tube is inserted into your skin via small cuts. The doctor then turns the vacuum on and your fat is sucked into the tube. This is generally an outpatient procedure, but you will have to stay in recovery for a few hours to ensure you have no problems.  

The doctor can go over a tummy tuck and liposuction with you in much more detail so you can make the right choice.