The 2 Options You Have Before Undergoing Breast Augmentation Surgery

There comes a time when you feel that your breast shape and size need some alterations. A breast augmentation surgery is a procedure you need to have these changes implemented. You will have to choose between the fat transfer process and surgery that uses implants before a certified surgeon makes your dream come true. These two main categories have subcategories given names based on your desired texture and appearance.

You need to seek guidance from a certified surgeon. The medical expert will guide you in selecting the safest alternative.

Breast implants

The alternative that most clients pick during breast augmentation surgery is the use of breast implants. This category has subcategories where you can choose one that can meet your needs.

There are saline breast implants filled with saltwater. The liquid is commonly called sterile saline. This category has an improved version termed structured saline breast implants. These types of implants have a natural feel enhanced by an internal structure. If the implants break, your body can absorb the saltwater and release it naturally.

The second alternative is silicone breast implants that have silicone gel. They have good quality but might pose a health risk if the implants break. A breakage might cause the gel to leak into your body. Therefore, regular checks are recommended if you use silicone implants.

Thirdly, you can use form-stable breast implants or what others call gummy bear breast implants. They can maintain your breast shape even if the implant cover breaks. They use a firmer and thicker silicone gel, and regular medical checks are recommended.

You can pick round breast implants if you want fuller boobs after breast augmentation. They are round and do not alter your breast size even if they turn.

If you desire a natural breast movement with the softest touch, invest in smooth breast implants.

Fat transfer breast augmentation

During fat transfer breast augmentation surgery, body fat is taken from one body part and transferred to your breasts. Your surgeon will use liposuction to get fat from your back, belly, thighs, or flanks and use it to have a small size increment in your breasts.

You are likely to go for breast augmentation if you believe your breasts are small or want to correct the asymmetry. There are times when breast surgery due to other health conditions push you to have breast augmentation. Whatever could be the reason for your breast alteration surgery, ensure the surgeon is certified and licensed.

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