Debunking Three Common Botox Myths

The use of Botox injections is becoming more popular since it is a cosmetic procedure that can be done without the use of surgery. The end result is that fine lines and wrinkles in the face are reduced, and the recipient of the procedure has no downtown and can return back to work the same day they receive the treatment. However, there are some misconceptions about the procedure that may discourage people from getting Botox injections. That's why it will help to know the truth behind these myths. 

Myth: Botox Is Permanent

Have you been worried about getting Botox because you may not like the results? One thing that you definitely want to understand about Botox is that it is not a permanent solution to those wrinkles you want to get rid of. Botox is only temporary, and the results will wear off over several months. T

The temporary nature of Botox can be viewed as both a pro and a con depending on how the procedure goes for you. If you really like the look of what Botox injections do for you, then you'll need to return for additional treatment. However, someone that isn't satisfied with the results will be assured that the effects go away and you will have a natural look once again.

Myth: Botox Is For Older People

Think that you can't get Botox because you are not old enough for the procedure? Know that Botox is used by a wide range of individuals since there is no age limit on who can receive it. If you want to correct the wrinkles in your face that are developing at an early age, it is possible to have Botox injected into those key areas so that you are not self-conscious about them in the future. 

Myth: Botox Freezes The Skin

The way Botox works is that it relaxes specific muscles in your face, which is what reduces the appearance of those wrinkles you want to remove. It doesn't freeze the muscles at all, which allows you to still have natural-looking facial expressions. When working with a professional that is skilled at administering Botox injections, it will be injected into precise areas of the face to only affect the muscles that cause the wrinkles. The goal is to achieve your desired look with as little Botox as possible. 

Have more questions about Botox injection treatment? Reach out to a professional in your area for more information.