Answers To Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Getting diagnosed with breast cancer can be a terrifying experience. Not only do you have to process this diagnosis, but you also have to make a major decision, which is undergoing either a lumpectomy or a mastectomy, depending on how far cancer has spread. Certainly, this can be entirely overwhelming, as the only way to get on the mend would be having to wilfully deform the affected breast. However, medical advances have ensured that patients do not have to diminish their quality of life simply because they have to undergo life-saving treatments.

Struggling With Skin Problems? 4 Tips to Help You Choose a Reliable Dermatologist

Your skin is constantly exposed to harsh elements, including sun rays and pollutants. Therefore, it can develop problems, such as early wrinkling. It is essential to have a dermatologist examine your skin and recommend a routine to keep it healthy. However, you need to work with a reliable expert to get satisfactory results. The following are four things to consider when hiring a dermatologist. 1. Services Offered Some dermatologists offer general services, which means they can help you with any skin-related problem.

Tips For A Better Tummy Tuck Recovery

A tummy tuck is a major surgical procedure, and in many ways, the recovery period is like that associated with any other major surgical procedure. You should get as much rest as possible, eat healthy, and keep your incision clean. There are, however, a few more specific recovery tips you should follow after a tummy tuck. Wear clothing without a waistband. When you get home from the hospital, you may struggle in deciding what to wear that won’t rub on your incision.